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01 June 2010 @ 11:23 pm
Name a fandom and I'll give you some unpopular opinions about it.

I don't pay enough attention to fandom to know if an opinion is unpopular, but I still want to do this. It's not like anyone else isn't having this problem either. ♥
17 April 2010 @ 10:59 pm
Do you collect anything? If so, describe your favorite collection (past or present).


The brief story is this: when I was eleven or so, I watched a live "The Nutcracker" performance at some theatre. Like the easily influenced child I was, I wanted one of my own. So now, every time Christmas rolls around, I like to look for these little guys. UNFORTUNATELY, I DO NOT HAVE AN ARMY OF THEM, even though that sounds so cool. ...and maybe a little creepy.

Randomly, I found this on google image search.
03 April 2010 @ 01:33 am
If an alien ship were to land in your backyard and choose you as the earthly representative of humanity, what would you tell them about our world? Would you consider going back with them for a visit?

1) lol if they land in my backyard they either crash into a tree or the pool. GET YOUR ROCKET OUT OF MY YARD.
2) I'd ask "WHY ME AS YOUR ~EARTHLY REPRESENTATIVE~?" I would pull them aside for a cup of tea to discuss this v. important matter first. Every time something important is discussed, tea is usually served. I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT.
3) What would I tell them about our world? I would inform them that 71% of it is covered in water.
4) WOULD I GO BACK WITH THEM? That depends. If they give me luxuries and treat me very nicely... I'd consider it, sure, why not. Even if their planet is a desert wasteland. NGL I LIKE DESERTS AND COOL SHIT LIKE THAT. I'd bring a giant hat. And shades. Maybe my family, too.
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27 March 2010 @ 08:35 pm
I got my first BPAL order in the mail! Well, it didn't come straight from the company; I bought it from a seller, and it's just a crapload of imps, but still! ♥ I'll share what I got and probably review them after trying them eventually. Probably only in a simple "IT'S TOTALLY ME" or "NUH-UH" way.

OH, ohhhh. I chipped my tooth off a bowl while turning off the tv earlier. DON'T ask how. It's like asking me how I cut myself with a steak knife while opening a pack of fruit gummies. All you'll get is a response worthy of a facepalm. Maybe a headdesk. Anyway, said chip is barely noticeable, and for once I'm fortunate for the tiny ridges on the bottom of my teeth. Just this once. The bowl just managed to... actually chip one of the little ridges. In half. IT'S BARELY NOTICEABLE, thank god. I'm lucky and grateful it didn't actually take more out because I hit the bowl really hard.

I'm also wearing the dress I bought over the summer while shopping with pomgrenadier. I found it in the back of my closet! I feel so much more confident and comfortable wearing it now than I did when I bought it. I actually want to wear more dresses now. ...you know, I kinda want the outfits the cats in my icon are wearing. I WANT THE BIG HAT AND THE MATCHING BLUE DRESS COAT? THE MOST. BITCHES WILL BE SO JEALOUS CUZ THEY WANT MY BIG HAT.

tl;dr LIFE IS DANDY. It could be so much worse. I'm looking forward to some window shopping tomorrow. \o/
16 March 2010 @ 05:11 am
◆ Today a car across the street caught on fire. At first I thought "OMG IS EVERYONE OKAY??" but I think the neighbors would've been a little less concerned with trying to redirect traffic if someone was hurt. Plus, I heard the only occupant (the driver) pulled over in front of the house across from mine and ran off. Anyway, after learning nobody was hurt, I thought "HOLY SHIT THIS IS SO COOL" and continued watching as the car pretty much exploded and became engulfed in flames. After all was said and taken care off, I felt really bad for the car-less driver. That had to of been scary for them. :(a

◆ Stuck on SoulSilver and kinda loving that. Nothing like having an adorable Dunsparce again. IT'S SO CUTE ♥

◆ KALAFINA'S ALBUMS ARE ALWAYS SO INCREDIBLE IMO. Never have I not gotten excited for any release of theirs. I'm listening to the one they recently released and ahhhhh it's so lovely.

◆ College is getting squared away! Looks like I'll be doing summer classes. SIGH. I won't complain since it's my own fault for waiting so long when I should've started taking classes in the spring.
Current Music: kalafina - red moon
05 March 2010 @ 04:37 am
I miss when I did lighter entries, so let's go back to doing that by annoying my beloved flist with Touhou, the last thing they probably want to see. TODAY I HAVE YOUTUBE LINKS. See, there's a doujin anime movie being released on the day before the ides of March (sorry, I just wanted to try to get away with saying "ides of March" :x) called Touhou Anime Kinema Kan ~2nd Curtain~.

Promo! Brief and to the point.
✖ ...yeah, the yukkuri in the beginning already has me on guard. I am now prepared to expect crazy shit.
✖ Oh, the song is pretty; it's based off of Yukari's theme song, and it's well done imo. The art's vibrant and nice to look at, too.
✖ Wow, there is, like... little to no painful fanon references. OPPOSITE OF WHAT I EXPECTED! I mean, I don't mind fanon too much (this movie is a fanwork, they are entitled to do whatever they want with it), but I will say that going overboard, like making Sakuya into a nose-bleeding pedophile, for example, loses my interest. It's probably because I'm a roleplayer and I loev canon... :x

Extended Promo, with way more characters and clips!
✖  I found this right after the previous promo.
✖ ...oh, if only I watched this version first; then I would've been right about the abundance of fanon the first time. THERE IS... A GOOD BIT. Some of it is amusing! Then there's the chunk of it that pains me in the "that's totally not IC" way that gets to me. I just need to try and enjoy fandom more or something, sheesh. OTL
✖ WAIT, A TRIGUN OP PARODY IN 1:26?! Okay I kind of really loved that, not gonna lie. ♥

ETA: I don't know what to expect anymore from this movie, so I give up. I can't tell if it's going with crack or siding with something a bit more "serious." Just let me listen to the song forever.

ETA 2: ...then again, it's Touhou. UGH, I'M OVERTHINKING A FANMADE VIDEO.
11 February 2010 @ 08:59 pm
I wish I didn't have trouble admitting things! Sticking my head in the clouds and being optimistic doesn't really help, especially when I'm going "OMG, SAY SOMETHING, SAY. SOMETHING!" on the inside. Except there's never a good moment to say it, so I guess I have to bottle that up and hope for the best.

...I hate being vague like that, but clearing it up would be admitting it!!!!!!

sob I can't even take my "serious" thoughts seriously.
03 February 2010 @ 07:34 pm
Looks like another blizzard this Friday. Anywhere from 12 inches to more than 20! I'M SO PSYCHED. I'm gonna make hot chocolate using mini marshmallows! Maybe the snow will be the kind I can make snowmen with! God, it's going to be so pretty to pull up the blinds in the morning to see BLANKETS OF WHITE EVERYWHERE.

I'm so embarrassing, getting so excited over FROZEN PRECIPITATION, but ahhhhhh snoowwwww. I take too much joy in the small, petty things.
26 January 2010 @ 07:50 am
☀ This morning I ~held a conversation in Hungarian~ with someone who joined the hetalia chan out of the blue. Iiiiiii'm not sure why they joined the channel, they didn't seem to be there for the series (the channel was probably misguiding, what with the nation's names in the topic haha), but it was fun anyway! I probably made a fool of myself with my AMAZING lingual skills, but I'm okay with that. ♥

☀ I finally scheduled for the college exam... thing! It's set for February 27th because that was the nearest Saturday that was free. NOT A MONTH FROM NOW would've been nice, but hey, I'll take this as a chance to refine my poor skills. \o/

☀ Now to eat my chocolate cereal~ The best part about cereal like this is having a straw so you can drink the rest of the milk. Chocolate milk. :9
17 January 2010 @ 06:00 pm
If humanity were to become extinct, do you think another animal species would evolve to take our place? What lessons do you think they'd learn from our successes and failures?

PIGS. Like in Animal Farm. I imagine a whole "ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL" thing going on. :B

/totally non-serious answer... OR IS IT